Happy Birthday to my main man Kenny Chesney. He is 51 years old today. Everyone knows I am a huge KC fan and the first time I ever got to meet him, I acted like a complete idiot.

Yes, that right a complete idiot. I think it was about 2008 maybe? My former co-worker and I went to backstage to meet Kenny Chesney and when he walked in I was stunned. He wasn't near as big as he looks on tv and in videos. I had taken a guitar back to get signed for Special Olympics so, I'm there holding the guitar when it's my turn to step up to Kenny and I just stand there. I don't talk, I don't move nothing, just stand there with a goofy grin on my face.

I eventually got him to sign the guitar and took a pic but you can tell in the picture I was totally fan girling.

A few years later I got the chance to meet Kenny again and that meeting went a whole lot better. I did at least talk to him this time. 


FYI: In case you wanted to know my favorite Kenny Chesney song is the woman with you.

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