Happy 56th Birthday Garth Brooks. Troyal Garth Brooks, born February 7, 1962, has become the biggest thing in country music.

As of 2016, Garth is the only artist to have seven diamond albums, surpassing the Beatles. He has also sold more concert tickets than any other artist.

I am so blessed to be able to say I had the chance to interview Garth and meet he and Trisha. Garth has to be the most fan friendly artist. Some man other acts in the business should definitely take a page out of his book.

When I interviewed him for his up coming show last year he was so amazing and polite and you could definitely tell he was all about the fans. Then when I got the chance to meet he and wife Trisha Yearwood, they were amazing!

This was not your typical meet and greet. They took about six of us into and room with couches and sat down and talked to us for about 20 minutes. They wanted to know about us, where we came from, what we did and about our lives. Then before we left they gave each radio person a bag full of merch from of each of them.

Truly an amazing artist, there is a reason has won Entertainer of the Year multiple times. Happy Birthday. 


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