Got your costume yet? Still time to accomplish putting together something fun at any of the local shopping destinations. I happened to find what I was looking for at Party City. I like to call this the "Dad Bod Fireman" costume. I'm not gonna land on any Hot Firefighter calendars any time soon--unless they're Dad Bod calendars :-) But it'll be a fun look when my wife and I go out Saturday night to a party we've been invited to. The wife is going as a Dalmation--so it works. A Fireman and his best friend. Plus it's easy to put together. Not many moving parts and no makeup. I like easy and simple.

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And Party City has a great variety to choose from. So does Spirit Halloween, where my wife got her Dalmation stuff and bodysuit. The weather is supposed to be warm here Saturday with a high of 84 and a low of 45--so if you're headed out to a party like we are on Saturday night remember to wear something warm under that costume.

Last year there wasn't much happening on Halloween so it'll be a lot of fun to get out of the house and enjoy it this year. We aren't the ones who go all out for Halloween as some do. Our house has a few decorations up on the inside:


And our little Orb Spider left us this in the entryway as an added bonus. She was there for a few days but seems to have abandoned it--but I left it because it fits the holiday :-)


Happy Halloween! And no matter what you're doing--I hope it's a fun weekend for you!

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