Pet of the Week is ALWAYS brought to you by The Barking Lot of Midland! Meet Loki:


Loki is an eight month old neutered male who is up to date with all of his shots. This handsome guy has come a long way since being at the Sanctuary! Just a few months ago he was prone to hiding or running from staff, now he is the first one at the door to greet someone! Loki has a very sweet nature and now that he is coming out of his shell we have discovered he loves to play! Once given the time to become comfortable, he is very affectionate with staff; especially at meal time! Loki would do best with an experienced cat owner and another cat in the household would help to boost his confidence! A quiet environment with no small children would help this to kitty thrive. With patience and love, and the right environment, this sweet guy could be your new best friend!

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Come see him today at the Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals--4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland! And be sure to visit The Barking Lot of Midland!! The Barking Lot--Kennel free playtime for your fur baby.... They also offer  24 hour 7 day a week Kenneling, Nail trim with bath, birthday parties, and Dog and people training! Its a tail wagging good time!


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