We know all of us here in the Permian Basin are good neighbors. Always going the extra mile to help those in need, no matter what time of year it is or what the circumstances are. Doesn't matter if it's helping someone load groceries, holding doors for the elderly, taking the time to help someone get to a doctor's appointment, or even going so far as to buy someone a cup of coffee in line behind us or a meal.... There is good all around us--each and every day!

That's why the folks at Urias Eyecare in Midland and Gwen and Gunner want to hear your stories. Whether you're the recipient of the kindness or gesture, or the one doing it (yes we know most don't like "tooting their own horn"--but we want to know!!) We know people don't do nice things for people just so they can get "credit"--but it sure is nice to let those who are kind to others know they are appreciated!

So please tell us! You can write us an email, send us a message thru our app or Facebook page--or just pick up the phone and call us and tell us--432-563-8-923. In a world these days where you turn on the news and most of it is all doom and gloom--let's brighten up the airwaves with random acts of kindness!

Each weekday morning at 8:50am, Gwen and Gunner will talk about Feel Good stories all about real people doing real random acts of kindness for our fellow man. We'd love to recognize YOU!

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