If you are a germaphobe, you probably shouldn't read this. You may never touch anything in your office without gloves again. I can totally see someone walking around with Lysol disinfecting everything. Germs aren't always a bad thing. They help build the immune system. Lysol has researched to find out which are the germiest places in your office.

Here are the germiest places in your office:

1. Let's start with just arriving to work, the handle on the door that leads you into the office. Most people probably don't think about this, but the elevator buttons, think how many people touch them every hour. You know they probably don't get cleaned daily, much less every hour.


2. The Office Kitchen: I haven't really thought about this one but the handle of the coffee pot or the buttons on the Keurig. Don't forget about the buttons on the microwave if you have one and, of course, the faucet knobs. Almost everyone in the entire office touches each one of these at least once daily.

Automatic coffee maker

3. Moving on to the actual office space. The telephone receivers and the buttons are left with a ton of germs. Computer mice and keyboards, you knew know whose hands have been on them. Don't forget about pens. Not only do people keep

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In the conference room, one might think it is the table or chairs, but the germiest thing in the conference room is also the germiest thing in hotel rooms, and that is the remote control.

Television production concept. TV movie panels

I guess the good news is everyone is getting back to normal and spreading normal everyday germs to boost the immune system.


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