The Wall has been a huge topic for the last several years, especially when then President provided funding to begin the wall and construction to continue spanning across the Mexican border. The wall seemed to be starting to slow the migration of illegal immigrants. Many people from other countries were and are using the the Mexican border to illegally enter the United States. The construction of the wall was halted when Joe and Kamala's democratic leadership took over and said, oh yeah come on over we will let you in and support you. By saying the borders were opening people began pouring into the United States, a lot of them through the Texas/Mexico border. Then forcing Texas cities to care for the migrant children that were rendered helpless. The smuggling of immigrants is at an all time high, the drugs being brought across the border are at on all time high. Governor Greg Abbott says the amount fentanyl that has come over is enough  to kill everyone in the state of New York.  But the current federal administration doesn't care how all of this traffic is affecting all of us that live in border states.

Yesterday in a conference Greg Abbott announced Texas would build it's own wall. He did not discuss specifics, but said he would give more details next week. He did say that a $1billion allocation for border security has been approved. Abbott also said there will an increase of arrests along the border.

"They don't want to come to across the state of Texas anymore because it's not what they were expecting.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Hosts Roundtable On School Safety In Wake Of Last Week's Mass Shooting At Santa Fe High School
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