Mine and Gunner's "Great Debate" topic this morning is "Do you let your dogs sleep in the bed?"

As you know this is a feature where Gunner and I don't agree on a certain topic and this is another one. I don't think pets/dogs should sleep in the bed with you. I wouldn't even let Romo, my corgi, to sleep in the house. If a dog sheds not only do I not want them in my bed, I don't even want them in the house. I can't stand going to someone's house and sitting on the couch and get up being covered in pet hair. This goes for cats and dogs. I can only imagine a bed full of dog hair. That would totally gross me out.

Gunner allows one of his dogs to sleep in the bed with him and his wife and I said no way. It's kind of like letting kids sleep in your bed with you, once you start it is hard to stop.

I know people that let their huge dogs sleep in the bed with them and they barley have room in the bed for themselves. I'll be danged if a dog takes up more room in the bed than I do.

I do have to say that I caved in when I was keeping my mom's dog for a couple of days. My mom's dog weighs all of four pounds and doesn't shed. So when she was staying with me, I felt bad for her because she was in a completely different environment. So, I let her sleep with me.

My Grandma lets her dogs sleep at the foot of the bed but not in the bed.


Who do you think is right Me with "no dogs in the bed" or Gunner with "yes you can have pets in the bed.

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown



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