On Tuesday Governor Greg Abbott announced that Texas could open up 100% and the mask mandate would be lifted. There are people who feel strongly on both sides, some believe masks shouldn't be required and the believe we should still be wearing them.

Whether you think one way or the other it doesn't really matter to me but Joe Biden seemed to have thoughts on the issue called the red states that have opened up, a "Neanderthal Way of Thinking."   Governor Greg Abbott was on Fox News this morning and was asked about what he thought about the president's comments. Gov. Greg Abbott quickly dropped the mike on Ol' Joe. Governor Abbott talked about how "Neanderthal" letting illegal migrants with COVID in and exposing Texans to the virus, was.  There was a huge lack in screen and requiring  those to be quarantined.

We can't open our business's but we can open our borders to more exposure?

Texas wants to get back to living and we can do that all while being safe at the safe time. The country cannot stay closed and survive. The government will eventually run out of money to keep passing out.

Joe Biden has already hurt Texas enough, especially West Texas, by trying to get rid of fossil fuels, and shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. Americans depend on oil way more then they realize. Most people don't realize everything that is made from petroleum.  Why on earth would we buy oil from other countries when we can get it right here at home.

I am so glad we have state government that will fight for us and not let be over taken by the extremist that are in office now.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Hosts Roundtable On School Safety In Wake Of Last Week's Mass Shooting At Santa Fe High School
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