For most of us-this is our first time living thru a pandemic of this magnitude. And as the holidays approach, you start wondering about plans and get togethers and trips and flights and family and friends all gathering together to celebrate in close proximity. And maybe you're ok with it. Or maybe you're like me, and all you want to do is sit with your spouse and have a quiet dinner at home alone just the two of you-and talk to the kids on the phone or facetime.

It's a personal choice that only you can make-whether or not you feel comfortable in big gatherings, relying on others to be aware of their surroundings and social distance in a party atmosphere. White House Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci is one, like me, who won't be seeing the kids for Thanksgiving because they live in parts of the country where the COVID numbers are high. We're pretty disappointed--we had gone out and purchased a new dining room table with plans of hosting this year. But alas it is not to be. Christmas will likely be the same-although after Christmas we do have kids coming to stay at the house with us for 4 days til New Year. To keep it in perspective, we just keep telling ourselves "The Holidays come around every year, so there are more chances". Be safe out there whatever your choice is for the upcoming season--and Happy Thanksgiving!

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