It is definitely that time of year, when you star to see ghosts and goblins everywhere. If you go to just about any store, you will see Halloween décor everywhere. In fact my neighbors, who go all out for Halloween, put all of their decorations out this weekend. Most people put out the same decorations every year with maybe a new twist or two, not my neighbors. They have a completely new theme every year. I am one to really do anything for Halloween, so I love the way my neighbors love Halloween. In the past they have Pennywise hiding behind the bushes, they have blowups or smoke and goblins on the porch. This year they have a skeleton magician doing a magic trick on a skeleton woman in the front yard. I said all of that to say, it is also time for Haunted Houses to open up.

The Gardendale Volunteer Fire Department is hosting a FREE Haunted House, that is open to the public. It is free and open to the public but they are asking for donations. This is a fundraiser for the Gardendale Volunteer Fire Department. Located at 4702 Larkspur Lane, in Gardendale. The Haunted House will be open every weekend in October 8pm to 12am. It is open to all ages.  This is a great way to support those to take care of their community in times of need.

I have to admit I have only been to two haunted houses in my life and I got the crap scared out of me



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