Lately, I've been seeing a lot of "re-boots" or "re-makes" in El Paso, and the ones that really get me are the games. You know what I'm talking about... the old board games. Battleship, Sorry!, Mall Madness, Guess Who?, and the list goes on.

As much as I try to avoid a re-sell of something that's already been celebrated during its time - these really pull me right in. I have young kids, so I think: one for them and one for myself.

Life is short, what can I say?

Well... I'm sad to say these games are nothing like they used to be. My husband and I broke out Battleship, and the pegs wouldn't even FIT in the slots. The boards were so small we had to hunch not to see over the other side, and it was all plastic. Falling apart, falling all over the place. It was a horrifying experience.

Guess Who? Is actually pretty cool with some pretty awesome updates. But just like seats on an airplane, everything is smaller. I have pretty good eyes and couldn't see the words for the life of me. And just like Battleship, we had to scrunch our bodies down in order not to cheat. It's so easy to cheat now! Just be a little bit tall! For the record, I'm barely 5'1'.

The good news? Twister hasn't really changed. I mean, the quality isn't quite the same per usual, but it's still a classic.

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