Stopping for gas could be a challenge, at least in the short term, as stations around the Basin post signs on pumps and have pump handles covered with plastic that says the pump is closed... One sign, at the DK next to McDonald's off Loop 250 and Midkiff in Midland says they have diesel and unleaded but are out of the mid-grade and super unleaded gas. The Jack's gas station at Big Spring street and Mockingbird Lane is only selling diesel, and the rest of the pumps are closed until they receive an expected delivery that was supposed to have already shown up.


As we all have seen, gas prices have fluctuated around the area, ranging from $3.50 a gallon up to $4.10 a gallon, depending on where you're at and potentially how close to a highway you are when you're ready to fill up. Being a United/Market Street shopper, I love the rewards you can use at Kent Kwik stations and get a nice discount. I haven't seen a Kent Kwik that has been affected by any gas shortage or delivery issue yet...

Just a heads-up in your travels, if you're planning on stopping at one of these locations expect those conditions to continue until deliveries arrive. No one could tell me when that might be when I asked-other than to say they should have already been there, and that they had one delivery (I imagine diesel since they're out of the other) yesterday.

If you know of another place that's not mentioned that is out of one or another, post in the comments below and let's help other West Texas drivers out.

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