The Killeen, Texas area has been home to Fort Hood since 1942, and Camp Hood before that. Recently however, the name of the military base has been under scrutiny. The base, named after General John Bell Hood, could have a name change soon.

The Naming Commission submits their suggestion for a new name

The Commission, formed in 2021, recently released their report regarding changes to bases across the nation. In their report, the commission went into detail about General John Bell Hood and why the name change discussion began:

"He is one of the most rapidly promoted leaders in the Confederate Army with a reputation as an aggressive commander who was willing, eager, and often led his troops into battle. While he initially achieved some battlefield victories, several later battles were met with defeat and suffered significant casualties, in particular the late 1864 devastating and crippling Battle of Franklin and Battle of Nashville."

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The new General suggested to name the military base after

The commission put forth the name of General Richard E. Cavazos to have the base bear his name. The report also went into detail on why renaming the base will be beneficial:

"As a veteran of two modern wars and a longtime leader of Soldiers, GEN Richard Cavazos’ service demonstrates excellence at every level. His twentieth-century service will inspire Soldiers as they continue those traditions of excellence into the twenty-first century."

This name change, along with other military base name changes, was submitted to US Congress on August 8th, 2022. According the Naming Commission's website, this is the first part of the report. Two more parts are set be to released later in the year, with a final report coming October 1st, 2022.

What do you think about renaming Fort Hood?

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