Overall I thought the show was good. I like most of the performances and I loved the through back performances. But there a few times I think the ACM's missed the mark.

1. Kenny Chesney

I can't believe I am event saying this but I was not impressed with his performance. It just seemed like he wan't into to it. It didn't sound very good. I think he got that slot because he is a big name with a new song.

2. Maren Morris.

I think Maren was a totally miss on everything last night. I thought her performance wasn't all that great and hunny put some clothes on. I thought any minute we were going to find out what color of underwear she was wearing.

4. Kelsea Ballerini

I was not impressed at all. I didn't care for her fairy tale pink. I don't know what she kept doing with her hands. It looked like bad sign language. And the out fit she changed into form her dress, I didn't think fit the performance at all.

5. Reba's Jokes

You all know I love her, I'm her biggest fan but her jokes were not funny and they just fell flat. I know the writers were trying to be sensitive to the theme of the night, but it just didn't work.

Here is a bonus for you:

Reba's out fit changes. I thought she looked like she was host the Christmas special again.. They could have done so much better with dressed.

Mark Davis / Getty images
Mark Davis / Getty images

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