Did you get one? The FBI is looking into a flyer that was placed on residences in Midland yesterday. The flyers have also appeared in cities such as Lubbock and Austin.

The top reads "  The time has come to stop the violence and destruction of your race. Join us today and be apart of the solution not the problem. " Followed by the title, "WHITE REVOLUTION"

The FBI believes these flyers come a group based out of Washington state. They are working to learn as much as they can about this group.

The Midland Police department told our news partner NewsWest9: 

 “On the police side there isn’t anything we can do, it is free speech. The only recourse from a policing standpoint would be if a homeowner caught someone approaching their property to leave the flier and ordered them away, but the subject continued to enter onto the property anyway. Then we would have criminal trespass.” 

Mayor Patrick Payton also made a statement concerning the issue:

“As a community I firmly believe we all reject the extremes on all sides. Whether a flyer that stokes anger, hate and dissension or social media and messaging that constantly drives wedges between people. Here in Midland we fight for one another and not against one another.” 

Speaking with NewsWest9 the FBI, gave advice on what to do if you get one of these flyers:

“Make sure the community knows if they do see a flyer, don’t touch it with your bare hands," Ramos said. "With like kitchen gloves or something put it in a Ziploc bag so it can be protected for the evidence and we can get fingerprints”

The group that is distributing these flyers is assumed to be a hate group and these actions could be considered as an act of domestic terrorism. 


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