, Friday, October 13th.

Tickets will go on sale today, Friday morning at 10 am. This will be an all-ages show.

Tickets will be available at HACIENDALIVE.COM  Tickets will be $45-$65. For more information or table information, you can call the Hacienda at 432-563-3737.

You better get your tickets today, this is going to be one crazy show!

Ludacris, born Christopher Brian Bridges, was born in Illinois but moved to Atlanta at the age of nine, and that's when he started rapping. In college, he studied music management. While in at Atlanta he went to work for a radio station and his name what Chris Lova Lova. He would later change his stage name to Ludacris after describing himself and his personality as "ridiculous."

Ludacris has quite the resume. Not only is he a worldwide name in the rap world but his IMDB is quite lengthy as well. He has been and will be in some pretty big named movies.  In 2003 he joined the Fast and Furious family and has been in several sequels, including the newest one, Fast X, coming out this summer.


Some fun facts about Ludacris:

He is the founder and owner of his own recorder label, Disturbing the Peace, imprinted by Def Jam Records.

He is the co-owner of  Conjure Cognac Liquor. He also released his own line of headphones with Soul Electronics.

Don't miss Lucacris live at the Hacienda Event Center, Friday, October 13th.

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