Most of us have talked to friends or family members about how awesome it would be if we lived together. For most of us that is just talk, we want to see family or friends more often, but busy schedules get in the way. Although if you think you are ready to make that family compund that you’ve always wanted this property in San Antonio, Texas might be the perfect place to make it happen.  

The address is 10 Crescent Park in San Antonio, TX 78257. The home is very secure with lots of trees creating privacy from the road, plus this home is in a privately gated community and secluded on a corner lot. The home offers 6 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, and 1 half bathroom. The home is 10,466 square feet sitting on 1.06 acres of land. There is also a separate guest apartment with the same luxurious details as the main home.  

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Details on the Family Compound For Sale in San Antonio, Texas 

This home is as nice as any home in the area, it was built in 2006 and every detail of this home inside and out are top notch. Everything from the chef’s kitchen to the hand carved fireplaces are simply incredible as you will see in the photos below.  

Pool and Jacuzzi Look Amazing Too 

The mosaic glass tile pool and jacuzzi was hand-laid with three tiers of entertaining space. So, plenty of room to invite people over for a party if you want to show off the home and property. Look at these amazing photos of this property for sale with the current list price of $6,900,000. 

Perfect Family Compound in San Antonio, Texas

This place is luxurious, incredible and would be perfect for entertaining guests.

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