It’s always easy to poke fun at crime stories out of Florida because that’s where so many unusual cases come from, but this is an usual crime caught on camera here in East Texas. The video was caught by the Lowe’s Home Improvement store cameras as some desperate criminals do whatever they can to try and steal thousands of dollars' worth of goods from the hardware store in Marshall, Texas. 

The Marshall, Texas Police Department along with the Harrison County Crime Stoppers are looking for information on any of the suspects shown in the video below. The organized retail theft took place on Tuesday, June 21st on the 900 block of East End Boulevard North in Marshall. As you first see there are two suspects entering the store like normal but quickly things take a turn. 

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The Female Lowe’s Employee on the Video is Not Really an Employee 

Next on the video you see that the two suspects who entered the store earlier have a cart full of expensive merchandise and one suspect acts as if they are getting help from the fake employee by the outdoor/gardening area. Quickly all three suspects then head toward the exit of the outdoor area, but employees stop at least some of the merchandise from leaving the store. 

Thieves in East Texas are Getting More Desperate 

It’s sad to see anyone who turns to theft, but regardless it is against the law and they need to face the punishment for their crime. But before they do, law enforcement needs your help with identifying the suspects. If you know who any of these individuals are or where they might be located, you’re encouraged to call the Marshall Police at 903-935-4575 or Harrison County Crimestoppers at 903-935-9969. 

Here is the video so you can watch for yourself. 

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