More people have had this happen to them than one might think. You're on your social media pages, perusing the news feeds reading about everyone's political opinions on world happenings, stumbling across a few cute pet photos and some good recipes... And you decide to either post a status or a comment that somebody, somewhere doesn't like. Whether it's someone you're connected to who sees it and reports it, or it's the platform itself that feels you've violated some policy or terms of use--you end up SUSPENDED or locked-out. These suspensions, depending on the platform and how serious they think the violation is-can last anywhere from 1 to 90 days, depending.

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I personally haven't had it happen to ME yet--knock on wood--but I've had plenty of friends who have. And it's no fun. Especially in these times we're living in with the pandemic. Sometimes, depending on your personal situation-social media platforms are a huge part of your communication and daily interaction with the outside world. I mean sure-there's always texting and good ole phone calls til you get your access back-but you can feel pretty disconnected when something like this happens, just based on daily habits. We've all become so accustomed to grabbing our phones during the day when there's down time and seeing what's up with Aunt Sally or cousin Lisa.... But when we don't have that you can feel isolated. Then of course there's always FOMO--The Fear Of Missing Out--when you can't see what the world is posting without you.

My friends who've had this happen to them call it being in "Facebook Jail" or "Twitter Jail", etc. Has this happened to you? We'd love to hear all about it on Monday morning at 8:10am! Call us, or comment below!

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