Yesterday, when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning to get ready for work it was storming like something crazy outside, so I know I had to make a different plan for the day.

First of all I knew I couldn't even bother to try to fix my hair. I have curly hair so when it's humid or it gets wet it is just a complete mess.

Second of all I know it's summer time, which means sandals and flip flops but I can't stand getting cold rain water on my feet, so I decided to wear my rain boots.

It rained furiously yesterday so I kept  my rain boots on all day, I didn't want to get my feet wet and everyone at the office gave me a hard time for wearing them. I didn't care because if I stepped in a puddle my feet were not going to get wet.

Plus it was an excuse to wear my rain boots because I never get to. 

rain boots

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