Today's technology has us even more connected than ever no matter where we are, what day or what time of day it is. Which usually means we respond when we get a message as soon as we can, depending on what we have going on at any given moment when we receive the text, email or message. Most of us are pretty good with getting back fairly quickly-either because we've been trained to do so by always being on-call with our employers, or because our friends get on us when we don't respond in a timely manner. Maybe the kids are gone somewhere and when you hear that "ding"--you have to stop what you're doing and check and see.

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But then--there are those moments when we perhaps SHOULDN'T be so available. You know--those moments when we're emotional, angry, sleepy--or even better--TIPSY. Everyone's sent a text or let go of a tweet that later--either in the daylight hours of the morning or a state of more rational thinking--we wish we hadn't. It's human nature in our extremely connected culture of today. Everyone has a platform at their fingertips 24/7 if they so choose. And when we're tired or otherwise influenced in a situation where there's little self control or little to no filter--that can spell trouble!

My story involves an ex girlfriend and a breakup after the movie "Titanic" (the ship wasn't the only thing that sunk that night in the theater--so did our relationship). We'll talk more about it on the show. We wanna hear about YOURS too! Comment below and tell us your story and share what you wish you hadn't sent, or call in tomorrow morning on the show at 6:20 and tell us!

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