So many of us enjoyed watching David Hasselhoff, Yasmine Bleeth and Pamela Anderson crash into the waves with their boards as they swam against all odds to rescue the wayward swimmer or boater who'd gotten into trouble with the waves... But in real life it's not so glamorous and a ton more serious-because once the scene is over, not everyone gets to get up and walk away from the camera and rinse off the sand. So it's serious business. Gwen was a lifeguard and she'll have some stories for us in the morning tomorrow morning about her time in the chair... I was never a lifeguard myself, but was saved by one at a pool party. I was in 6th grade and a friend had a pool party at a hotel pool. His Mom and Dad had rented a room at one of the old Holiday Inns that had the old "Holi-Dome" with an indoor pool and gaming area.

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We were all taking turns using an innertube and floating into the deep end (keep in mind we were little at the time)--and I wasn't a very strong swimmer and had only had a few lessons. I slipped off the innertube and went under. At first it was cool to be down there--seeing everyone swimming with goggles on and some people's legs leapfrogging, as there was a game of water volleyball at the deep end going on with some high school aged kids... It wasn't very long til it turned from interesting to watch to being terrifying--as I tried to get to the surface in the "sea of humanity" in the deep end and just couldn't find an opening no matter how hard I kicked. Someone must have noticed because the next thing I knew I was being catapulted to the surface by the lifeguard. I was never unconscious and didn't take on any water--so once I was up top and could breathe again all was good.

The Lifeguard went about his business and so did I--getting back up on the innertube and paddling my way back to my friends--who hadn't even noticed I was gone! (Not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing!). How about you? Were you a Lifeguard or have you been rescued by one? Tell us your story in the comments below or call us in the morning!

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