Age of Fear, Trail of Horrors is a family-owned operation. Amanda Zarate and her husband Victor Cortez are what you would call the ultimate Halloween enthusiast.  “My four-year-old daughter already jokes about how she’s going to take over and be the boss,” Zarate said. MRT This couple is so into horrors and frights that they would throw a dinner party every time a new Michael Myers movie would come out.  Zarate and her husband knew that Midland need an annual attraction that offered frights and screams. An attraction that was full of zombies, mummies, and vampires.

All ages are welcome to visit the Trail of Horrors. Admission is $15 for those 5 and under and $20 for all other patrons. Because each night fills up so quickly, tickets will only be available for purchase at the gate. Snacks will be available for purchase while you wait in line. But don't get out of line to go to the bathroom, you might now make it back LOL A little horror movie humor. Only groups of six will be allowed to enter at a time due to safety reasons.

Throughout your adventure, you can count on encountering some of your favorite horror movie characters, like Chucky, Freddie Cruger, famous chainsaw experts, and creepy clowns.. The cast is played by experienced actors:

“Initially, [our actors] started with people we knew involved in the Midland Community Theatre,” Zarate told the Reporter-Telegram. “Ever since then, it’s been connections of who they know. We truly only hire people that want to be there and love doing it, that’s what matters to us.” Midland Reporter-Telegram. 

The adventure should take about 20 minutes as you walk through 19 creepy scenes. Hours of operation are 8 pm-11 pm. The Trail Of Horrors will close promptly at 11 pm, so ticket sales will cut off to accommodate this. They will be open on October 21, 22, 28,29,30, and 31st. The tours on Halloween will be blacked out and you will only have one flashlight to use to make it through.

Check out a preview of what you can expect:

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