The Eli Young Band returns to Dos Amigos Friday, May 18th. LoneStar 92 has your exclusive to purchase tickets before anyone else.

Tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets HERE! This is an 18 and up show.

The Eli Young band has been selling out venues all over the country this year, but they love nothing better than to come back home and play for the fans that started it all. While they love to share their music to the masses, they love to come home to Texas where fans can sing word for word their songs from the very beginning. Songs like "Small Town Kid," Oklahoma Girl," and "When It Rains."

I am torn when it comes to my favorite EYB song. I love "Even If Breaks Your Heart," but of course you know I love "Guinevere."  "Small Town Kid" has been one of my favorites from the start.

Get your tickets now, they will go fast for this show. Don't be left listening outside.

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