Whether you're a backyard BBQ rookie or a well defined connoisseur of the smoked meats, one things for sure - Texas style BBQ is the best there is.

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Don't just take it from me. Pitmasters across the country have confirmed what we knew all along. People love it Texas style!

Texas BBQ is Always in Season

Truth be told, I grew up not knowing there were different styles of BBQ. I thought all BBQ was Texas style. It wasn't till many years later that I learned of the various differences in BBQ. Being born in Texas to Texan parents will do that to a young man. As a side note, I hear folks outside of Texas put beans in chili too. I guess nobody ever told them that's not chili, that's stew.

The Top 5 BBQ Styles

So what are the other BBQ styles across the country? Outside of Texas style, there's also Kansas City style, Memphis style, North Carolina and South Carolina style BBQ. Each style does BBQ a little bit more unique than the others. For some it's about the spices, for others it's about the cut of meat, and for others it's about the sauce. To be fair, there are absolutely amazing places to eat in each of the big 5 styles, but in the name of competition, there can only be one favorite.

America's Favorite BBQ Style

So to determine America's favorite BBQ style, BBQ Revolution looked at both Google Trends and Search data and the results were overwhelmingly Texas. The Lone Star State took home 33 of the 50 states. Kansas City BBQ and North Carolina BBQ finished tied for second with 6 state a piece, followed by Memphis BBQ with 4 states and South Carolina finished 5th with 1 state, South Carolina.

Texas Style BBQ

It's really no surprise that the majority of the U.S. loves their BBQ Texas Style. When asked about what type of meat is each state's favorite, brisket topped the list - a true Texas specialty.

BBQ is so popular in Texas that the city of Houston tops all cities in America for most BBQ restaurants per city with 167. Los Angeles finished 2nd with 162 with San Antonio at 3 and Austin and Dallas at 5 and 6. That's 4 out of the top 6 cities.

Yes we love good BBQ because we know what good BBQ is, and the rest of the country knows it too!

Top 20 Restaurants Central Texans Wish Would Come to Temple

A while back, I asked the good people of Temple if they could picture a good restaurant to fill the lot on North General Bruce Drive where the soon to be torn down Long John Silver's stood.

This was before it was announced that a Dutch Bros. Coffee location would open there (which was one of the places I predicted as a contender in our article).

So now Dutch Bros. is open in that spot, but the responses to my survey were interesting because they paint a picture of just how diverse Temple's population is. People recommended some familiar restaurants with locations in the surrounding area, but also a few I'd never even heard of.

Here are the top 20 results of the survey. Let's see what the good people of Temple are craving!

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