A Dutch Bros in Waco, Texas recently came under fire after an employee left a nasty comment on a receipt for a customer. Thanks to social media, that nasty comment has made the rounds and has served as a reminder of why we need to be more patient and kind with one another.

Nasty Note Left on Customer's Receipt Goes Viral

What started off as one person grabbing some coffee would end up with a viral TikTok and a bad look for Dutch Bros Coffee.

Ashley Vallejo is a deaf woman who went through a Dutch Bros coffee drive-thru in Waco on May 19 for an afternoon iced coffee. Apparently she had a little trouble communicating with an employee who was taking her order.

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After getting her drink and receipt, Vallejo noticed something a bit rude. She took to social media to show her followers the note left on the receipt that read, “Most difficult customer ever.”

In Her Own Words

The TikTok video she posted has since gone viral with over 1100 shares and nearly 1,000 comments. Vallejo says in the video:

I can talk a little bit but my voice is not perfect. Workers should have a lot of patience for people with disabilities. We are like you. We try to order like everyone else. Don’t punish us. Please have a lot of patience with us.

Vallejo was visibly upset while recording the video and followed up with “you have no idea what it’s like being deaf. Have patience.”

Dutch Bros Coffee Responds

Dutch Bros Coffee sent KWTX an email response saying they have addressed the incident with the employee:

The experience the customer had was deeply disappointing, unacceptable and against everything Dutch Bros stands for. We’ve addressed this incident internally and have reached out to the customer. It’s our hope we can work with her and the deaf community to ensure we always provide an excellent experience and meet the exceedingly high bar we’ve set for ourselves.

Many people on her socials have called for the employee to be fired, but Vallejo has responded with a much more compassionate answer saying, "Please do not attack the employee, this is to spread awareness to educate employee and upgrade your training for DA awareness".

#DoBetter accompanied the post.

We Should Do Better By Each Other

It's refreshing to see Vallejo say that she doesn't want the employee to lose their job, and just wants people to be more patient with people who are differently abled.

So many people get upset these days and demand someone's job (we call 'em Karens), so it's a nice change of pace to see someone just looking to raise a little awareness and help another person do better next time.

With everything happening in the world right now, we should all just be more compassionate with each other.

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