A man is now in custody after leading North Texas police on a high-speed chase with a U-Haul truck.

On Saturday, Caddo Mills police pulled over a U-Haul truck after an officer witnessed it driving erratically on westbound I-30.  The U-Haul driver then exited onto FM-1565 and pulled into a gas station.  After running the vehicle’s license plate and registration, the officer was alerted that the U-Haul truck had been reported stolen from Holland, Michigan.

The driver of the U-Haul then took off, got back onto the freeway, and led police on a high-speed chase on I-30.  The officer followed the truck as he got back onto the interstate, tried to pull him over, and even requested assistance from other agencies.  After exiting onto Highway 205 in Rockwall, the driver ditched the U-Haul truck and began to run on foot into a residential neighborhood.

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Officers located the suspect inside a residence and took him into police custody.  Law enforcement identified the driver of the truck as Jovan Harper.  When searching the truck, officers found several electronic devices that investigators also believed to be stolen.  Officers also discovered marijuana. multiple identification cards, and personal tax documents in the truck.

Rockwall County Jail
Rockwall County Jail

According to a press release from the Caddo Mills Police Department, Harper is currently being held in the Rockwall County Jail, and facing multiple charges from two different police departments.  The Rockwall Police Department is charging Harper with criminal trespass of a habitation, and an outstanding postal warrant for theft.  The Caddo Mills Police Department will be charging him with, possession of marijuana, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest, and possession of identification information.

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