The Texas Department of Transportation has launched a new campaign hoping to slow you down on Texas roads and highways. So watch your speed!

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In a hurry? Better think twice before hitting that gas pedal and speeding your way to your destination. Whether it's Texas Highway Patrol or local city cops, the heat is on and they're looking for speeders.

Operation Slowdown

Operation Slowdown starts June 7 and runs through the 21. It's TxDOT's first ever safety campaign of this size designed to stop the number one cause of road deaths in Texas, speeding. According to the Austin Monitor, traffic accidents kill about 10 people a day throughout the state of Texas with speed being a major factor in those deaths.

Dangerous Texas Roadways

It's been well documented that driving through Texas is dangerous. The fact is, no matter how safe you think you drive, it might not be something you do wrong that can end up with someone getting seriously hurt or loss of life. You could be the safest driver on the road but there's really no telling who else is on the road at the same time. Something can go wrong in an instant and the results could be deadly.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 2021 was the second deadliest year on record with more than 4,480 deaths reported on Texas roadways. That's a 15% increase from 2020 and pretty close to the record year of 1981, when there were 4,701 fatalities reported by TxDOT.


You've seen the #endthestreak campaign on social media and on the digital highway signs. The idea is to bring awareness to road safety in Texas and end the streak of road fatalities.

This may come as a surprise to you but it's been almost 22 years since Texas had a single day without a fatality on the road. November 7, 2000 is the last time no deaths were recorded on Texas roads. It's time to end the streak.

If you're traveling on Texas roads you can expect to see an increase of highway patrol and more people being pulled over.

Operation Slowdown is meant to slow down speeding drivers and could possible safe a life.

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