We all love a scary story or a story about anything haunted and one of the most unexplained happenings, happens not too far from here. Of course, I am talking about the Marfa Lights.

For those of you who have never heard of the Marfa Lights here is a little history courtesy of Wikipedia: 

According to Judith Brueske, "The 'Marfa Lights' of west Texas have been called many names over the years, such as ghost lights, weird lights, mystery lights, or Chinati lights. The favorite place from which to view the lights is a widened shoulder on Highway 90 about nine miles east of Marfa. The lights are most often reported as distant spots of brightness, distinguishable from ranch lights and automobile headlights on Highway 67 (between Marfa and Presidio, to the south) primarily by their aberrant movements."

Referring to the Marfa Lights View Park east of Marfa, James Bunnell states, "you might just see mysterious orbs of light suddenly appear above desert foliage. These balls of light may remain stationary as they pulse on and off with intensity varying from dim to almost blinding brilliance. Then again, these ghostly lights may dart across the desert...or perform splits and mergers. Light colors are usually yellow-orange but other hues, including green, blue and red are also seen. Marfa Mystery Lights (MLs) usually fly above desert vegetation but below background mesas."

The 35th Anniversary of the Marfa Lights Festival is happening this weekend at the historic Presido County Courthouse. All events are free and open to the public. The festivities will begin Friday, September 2nd, and run through Sunday, September 4th.

There will be shopping, food vendors, a parade, a play, Sunday morning Zumba and so much more.

For more information visit the Marfa Chamber of Commerce


Have you ever seen the Marfa Lights? If you have let me know about your experience.

Marfa Chamber of Commerce
Marfa Chamber of Commerce


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