LoneStar 923 is excited to be teaming up with La Hacienda Event Center to bring you country music superstar Gary Allan. As you know Gary Allan is one of my very favorite artists.

Gary Allan will be at the Hacienda, Friday night, November 18th. Tickets are running out. If you are wanting a table you will need to call 432-563-3737.

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Gary Allan grew up in California and began playing honkytonks at 13 years old. His mother made sure music was a part of their family. Gary Allan came on the scene in the 90s and has been blazing ever since then. In 1996 he released his very first album " Used Heart For Sale," with the debut single being "Her Man." So far in his career, Gary Allan has released 10 albums netting four number-one hits, seven top ten, and 26 on the Billboard top 100.

His latest album "Ruthless" was released in 2021. If you have downloaded it, you definitely should. Here is how Gary details the making of the album:

This,” Allan says of ‘Ruthless’, “is a montage of everything I have done since my last album.   It’s what I love.  I remain influenced by the ‘90s — as well as by the ‘80s.  Twenty-six tracks were cut for this album.  Then I went back to the studio and recorded three or four more tracks. Then I returned for two more.  From each of these many sessions, I pulled out the cool stuff that I wanted on the record.”

Eventually, Allan scribbled all his song titles on weird shapes he devised from paper towels; he then left these flimsy yet critical components of what became ‘Ruthless’ on his kitchen counter.  “I would walk past that counter constantly,” he says of an album sequence that it seems no exaggeration to call masterful, “arranging and re-arranging these pieces of paper towels.  Eventually, after quite a while of fooling with this, I’d go, ‘Yeah.’”

Allan knew well that those paper towel scraps represented finished tracks such as “Temptation” and “Sex” and “Slide” and “Waste of a Whiskey Drink” –songs he would use to tell his ‘Ruthless’ story as only a guy who had grown up skating and surfing in Orange County, as a Social Distortion fan playing in punk bands — but also in his father’s country band – might convey.

“I viewed all that countertop work as putting a show together,” Allan says.  “You can’t start out with something sad or slow, because that establishes initially the whole night.  You do have to come out and set the tone.  Then stand back and tell your story.” GA

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