Cody Jinks may not be a name you hear on mainstream radio, but he is a name is one you should know.

Jody Jinks hails from Denton, Texas and started out in a metal thrash band. "Rolling Stone, " recently reported how he got started in country music:

Jinks grew up on country music, learned to play country guitar from his dad, found metal and rebelled. After Unchecked Aggression broke up, he went back to basics and started writing country songs on an acoustic guitar. With time, he began to discover his voice. While early albums like Less Wise and 30 feel closer to standard Texas country singer-songwriter fare, seeds of his current sound were starting to appear on Blacksheep. By 2015's Adobe Sessions, he'd really found his stride, taking a more defiant approach with songs like "Cast No Stones" and appealing to the live-and-let-live sensibilities of regular folks.

Rolling Stone

I myself was one saying, what is this hype all about, then I took a listen. I am a big fan now. Cody Jinks along with Ward Davis will be at Dos Amigos, Saturday, December 16th. TICKETS are on sale now. Get them before they sell out.

Here is Cody's first big single, which quickly made it to the top of the chart. "I'm Not The Devil"

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