Where would we be without Netflix? Netflix changed the way we have watched our favorite TV shows and movies. Even before Netflix was a streaming service, it changed the way we watched movies. We could just order a movie and it would come strait to our house and we didn't have worry about late charges like we did in the Blockbuster days. I was the world's worst about returning movies. I always had crazy expensive late charges. One time I kept a movie so long, they just made me pay for it! LOL So Netflix became a life saver for me.

In April, Netflix announced that they would offer an cheaper package that would not be commercial free. Netflix then announced in June that if you share your password with persons outside your home, without the right package, you would have to pay a fee.

No rumor has it Netflix could be changing again. If you love binge watching your favorite shows, that could be coming to an end. With so much competition out there now, Netflix may make you wait to watch all of your favorite show.

Instead of being able to watch the entire season of your favorite show all in one setting, Netflix might make you wait for the entire thing. It won't be season for of Ozark did and release one half of the season and then the other half. They will begin to release episodes one week at a time, just like on cable and other streaming services. Please Netflix don't do this. A lot of us are instant gratification kind of people and we need the entire season all at once.

Sounds like Netflix could start being used like a DVR and we will all wait until the entire season comes out, so we can watch it all at once anyway. We won't hop on week to week like you want us too.

What do you think, should Netflix go week to week releases or keep it the same.

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration
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