Heads up Midland Drivers crossing the double  white line could cost you. Starting today you will see crews in Midland taking down the yield signs along the exits of Loop 250 and replacing them with  DO NOT CROSS DOUBLE WHITE LINE

Be aware of these signs. Officers will be out in full affect to make sure these laws are obeyed. This is tell help improve the flow of traffic. I don't know if you have noticed lately but traffic in Midland seems to get backed up from time to time. LOL


It is important to note that it is illegal to cross a double white line. Illegally crossing a double white lane can cause sideswipe crashes in this new configuration. All traffic should wait to merge until after the double white lines end.

“This change is being done to improve traffic flow. It is imperative that drivers follow the rules of the road to make sure this change is a safe one for everyone,” Odessa District Engineer John Speed said.

State law requires frontage roads to yield to main lane traffic. By separating the traffic to one lane each, this change improves traffic flow on the frontage road and gives exiting traffic a lane unto itself.   Victor Blanco

Traffic jam
Maciej Korzekwa

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