Do you let your dog/dogs sleep in the bed with you?

I have always been against dogs sleeping in the bed with me. Romo the span of his entire life never slept with. One of the main reasons he didn't get to sleep with me was because he shed so bad and I didn't want dog hair in my bed.  Then when we moved into my house he became an outside dog. But, I have always thought people who let their dogs sleep with them were crazy.

My aunt and uncle got two schnauzers, my grandparents would keep them when they were out of town, and eventually my grandma let the dogs sleep with. I couldn't believe it, my grandma of all people letting the dogs sleep in the bed.

Then my parents got Bella, a tiny little yorkie and I figured my mom would let Bella sleep with her but she hasn't.

Let me know circle back and say that yes I was so against dogs sleeping in the bed, but know I let Bella sleep with me. At first she would lay on the bed but get up and go get on the couch.  Now that she stays with me more and she's staying on the bed longer in fact I keep her for several days when my parents went to visit my sister. She will take a nap with me on the pillows but not actually sleep there at night. It wasn't until the last night she stayed with me that she actually slept snuggled up against me. So now I let Bella sleep with me.

Do you let your pets sleep with you? Would you?

Gwendolyn McCown
Gwendolyn McCown

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