The biggest family in the world right now has to be the Dutton's. Everywhere you go, everything you see is somehow, some way related to the hit TV series Yellowstone. From clothes to house wears to trucks, Yellowstone is the thing and probably the biggest thing out of Yellowstone is the ranch foreman Rip Wheeler, who John Dutton took in as a young child and raised him like a son, only to have him marry his daughter Beth. Rip and Beth are a love story for the ages. Cole Hauser aka, Rip was featured in People Magazine's Sexiest Men edition last year, and for good reason.

News recently broke about Cole Hauser investing a small coffee company out of San Angelo, so I know people are hoping to run into him there sometime. But Rip actually paid a visit to the Permian Basin over the weekend.

Rip was in town for a fundraising event for the Combat Control Foundation. The private event was held at Legends Saloon and attended by many. Check out some of the pics.

The Combat Control Foundation provides care and support to Combat Controllers,
their families and other members of the military community through its programs,
or through partnerships with similar charitable organizations.

CCF is here for CCT and their families in times of crisis; to assist with tragedy, and aid in recovery. Our Resilience Programs help families of the fallen (Gold Star Families) with immediate financial assistance to cover costs associated with the dignified transfer of remains and memorial services, as well as travel expenses.

CCF continues to provide services to children, spouses, and parents of fallen warriors in the years following their loss including grief counseling, retreats, remembrance gifts, and specialized kids camps. Additionally, we provide support in the unfortunate case of a veteran death and assistance for the warrior who suffers the loss of a parent or sibling.

Even our most elite benefit from a support structure that reduces the various stressors in their lives, and builds their capabilities. CCF provides assistance to active duty service members in the form of respite care, morale-building events, command all-calls, and more.

CCF will partner with other organizations and resources to assist CCT and their families when they transition out of the military. We additionally provide emergency funding for veterans in support of any financial hardship.

The Combat Control Foundation is committed to keeping our warriors, families, and veterans resilient. CCF

Combat Control Foundation

Combat Control Foundation 

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