Las Vegas has always been known as a place to gamble and party but these days it's so much more than that.  Now Vegas could be considered one best entertainment hubs of all time. People like to go to Las Vegas to experience upscale hotels, fine dining, and great shows. Many Vegas hotels have been renovated to add 5-star restaurants and theaters to host incredible shows, as more and more artists have decided to sign up for Vegas residencies. Did you know you can do the same right here in Odessa?

The downtown Odessa Marriot offers the best of Las Vegas right here in West Texas. You can stay in the upscale hotel that includes fine dining, an incredible bar, world-class art, and a luxurious stay. Attached to this one of a kind of West Texas hotel is a Vegas-style theater, The Ector Theater.  Think of it as a kind of House of Blues-type venue.

As part of the City of Odessa's downtown revitalization efforts in 2017, The Ector Theater was given a complete restoration and renovation to accommodate grand-scale live music and performances. The theater has been equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.

When the Director of the Ector Theater Adam Nunley was asked what sets The Ector Theater apart, here is what he had to say,

“There’s not a bad seat in the house. From the stage to the back wall is 98 feet. You’re right there, almost on top of the artist.” Why do these intimate creative cultural experiences matter? “Music and entertainment, in a venue like The Ector,” Adam explains, “become a full-sensory experience. When you can actually see the faces of the musicians and performers, feel the electricity that is generated from the stage and people around you, you aren’t just watching, you become a part of the show.”

The  Ector Theater has an amazing line-up of entertainers coming to the venue.

February 17th- The Steel Drivers

March 9th- Hayes Carl

March 11th-Ching Bling

March 25th- Bluebird Night

April 8th- Ram Herrera

April 16th- Ashley McBryde

For a full list of events visit The Ector Theater 

See for yourself how great the theater is:

The Ector Theater

The Ector Theater

Gallery Credit: Gwen

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