If you're one who doesn't like the dentist anyway--you're probably one of a large number of people who especially aren't going during the pandemic. Dentists in Texas are saying that appointments are way down since last March as everyone prioritizes social distancing and limiting interaction with others or being in public much at all, over any dental issues. They say that there will likely be a tremendous amount of people making post-pandemic appointments to get a myriad of problems taken care of when it comes to their teeth. And that could pose problems.

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Studies are saying that large numbers of Texans--in fact, 70% to be exact--are not going to the dentist and are putting off needed routine check ups and cleanings  due to being afraid of contracting COVID-19. The ones with the biggest disadvantage are kids that aren't going to their routine appointments--because kid's enamel is thinner and more susceptible to cavities. Since most schools aren't doing full-time in person learning in classrooms, it's also not a good thing that kids are at home with access to sweets and snacks all day that can also cause tooth decay if they don't brush regularly.

I also read that a very high percentage of kids in the U.S. don't tell the truth to their parents when it comes to brushing their teeth. They say they have, when in fact they haven't. So mom and dad--be sure to check once in a while to be sure they're doing what they should to take care of their teeth and develop good oral hygiene practices. In the mean time--where your mask, social distance, and make that appointment! Don't wait for the rest of the world to come around--and pay the price for putting off til tomorrow what you could do today.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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