David Quinn's new single "Down Home" is a honky tonk homecoming, a celebration of leaving city life behind for the return to one's country roots.

"Down Home" is the first single from Quinn's upcoming album Country Fresh, due out on April 15. The track opens with a rollicking guitar riff and Quinn's declaration that he's packing his bags and hitting the road. His vocals, which are somehow both smooth and gritty, sound like they belong to a man who's no stranger to moving on.

We can presume that Quinn knows this kind of liberation firsthand. Before the pandemic, the Illinois-native was based in Chicago. When the world shut down, Quinn decided to make his life simpler: He packed up and relocated to rural Indiana, settling into a house on a lake.

By the time Quinn reaches the chorus, there's no question about what he needs to do. "Take me out of this big old city / Find a place just to call my own / I'm pretty tired of this way of living / Find a place just way down home."

Take a listen to "Down Home" below:

From its country-blues guitar solo to Quinn's direct, mind-made-up lyrics, "Down Home" showcases the singer-songwriter's personal ties to living a simpler life.

If "Down Home" is any indicator, Country Fresh will find Quinn free to do what he does best: relish in country music's roots while also finding a way to make them his own. You can learn more about David Quinn by visiting his official website.

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