How nice would it be if Midland/Odessa were to get Dave and Buster's? The next best thing is that there is going to be only two short hours away in Lubbock! The 21,000-square-foot facility will be located at 2620 W Loop 289. It will be near Walk-On's and Cabela's. This location is set to open on May 1st.

The new Dave and Buster's will feature arcade games, a chef-crafted menu, and a 40-foot “WOW” Wall with dozens of HDTVs for sports viewing. No matter how old you are this will be the perfect playground.

In the 1970s a guy named Dave opened an outrageous place for adults to enjoy entertainment and fun. A few doors down a guy named Buster opened an amazing restaurant and when the two noticed many of its patrons were going back and forth,  so the two got together and decided to open one place that featured the best of both places. The first Dave and Buster's opened on restaurant row in Dallas in 1982, and people thought they were crazy. Fun fact for you, the reason Dave's name went first is that he won a coin toss of whose name would be first. Dave and Buster's now have 151 locations, with the Lubbock location being the newest.

Now as far as us getting one here in Midland, we have no word on that yet, but I am sure as soon as they see how many people from Midland/Odessa will frequent their location they will how wise it will be to invest in a location here.


Dave and Buster's

Dave and Buster's 

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