If you listen to all the reports-the News media has us all certain that supply chains are in jeopardy and are super slow, and that no matter what we're looking for-it's going to be out of stock for the foreseeable future because there's little to no cargo movement happening across the United States. Whether it's building materials for all the Contractors and do-it-yourselfers or just a unique Christmas gift for Grandma--don't count on it being in stores locally. In some cases--there's actually some truth to those stories. Take, for example, Bath and Bodyworks in the Mall. Items were flying off store shelves with that amazing Black Friday deal they had--something crazy like buy three, get three free, or something... I haven't been back in a few days, so maybe the shelves are fully stocked once again. But for a while there it was looking like you'd have to wait till NEXT Christmas if you wanted something.

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Then there are the craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby--where everyone looking to decorate for the holidays by making something unique flocks to for supplies. Only the supplies are a bit limited.

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So that leaves us with Cyber Monday--where we shop and order online from the convenience of our phones, laptops, and tablets... And the occasional PC. Saving money and getting great deals and maybe getting a little more comfort in the fact the items we may be looking for actually exist in the warehouse of the site we're ordering from. Here's hoping that all of you keyboard shoppers don't end up getting a notification email in the next few days saying the item is out of stock, and it'll be there as soon as they can get it in. Or worse yet--your order just gets canceled and you get a refund with no item. Either way--Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy those special gifts!

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