I'm finally an official Midland-Odessa resident, as my wife and I met the movers at our house in suburban Chicago last week, loaded up the truck and headed out. In making the 17 hour drive back (especially with 2 dogs)--you tend to make unscheduled pit stops so that everyone can have a potty break... This picture was taken at a gas station in Rolla MO and I HAD to share it because we did a caption contest for it on the Lonestar 92 Facebook page--and the winner was Nolan Buenger because he took my photo and actually made a funny meme out of it! Nolan wins a couple car washes at Mighty Wash here in Midland and Odessa. I'm so glad to be able to officially call the Permian Basin home now and I hope you'll hang with me as my partner in crime, Gwen, is out for a while with back surgery and recovery! All my best to you Gwen and can't wait to have you back in studio with me!

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