A COVID Passport may soon be required to travel or attend large events. I know many people have gotten the vaccine and post their vaccine card on social media and others refuse it.  The vaccine card has become the new "I Voted" sticker.

One thing you should probably do is keep your vaccine card handy or in safe place so you don't misplace it. Pretty soon their may be something known as the Vaccine Passport, that will you will have to have to travel or go to concerts or certain events or venues.

Many ideas are being tossed around as to how this will work. You may have to just carry a card, you maybe issued some other kind of card. Officials are even thinking about giving you a completely different passport. Those without the  the vaccine will have the standard blue one and those with the vaccine will carry a green one.

Some are even saying that the vaccine may be required for school like other vaccines required for children.

Here is my take:

I personally was 100% against getting the vaccine. I did not want to get, had no plans to get it and basically was refusing it. Even being a person who has had COVID, I didn't plan on getting it. I don't get the flu shot either.

Well..... now I have changed my mind. I have actually gone and gotten the vaccine. I did wait and get the Johnson and Johnson shot. I wanted to be one and done. Here is why I got it, because of everything I have just told you.

I have planned a big vacation for my 40th birthday in June and I don't want anything to hinder my vacation. I am afraid that we are going to have to have the vaccine to travel and especially if we are leaving the United States. If it becomes a requirement I don't wan to scurrying around at the last minute to try to find a vaccine. We already have to have a negative test to go and come back.

So just be prepared for things to change. Earlier in the year Ticketmaster said they were going to require the vaccine of a negative test to enter their events.

Would a vaccine requirement change your mind on getting the vaccine?


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