I am so sick of hearing about accolades going to people who don't deserve them or have not worked for them. I am so tired of people receiving rewards for crying about not being rewarded. How about, if you want to be rewarded, work for it.

Let me begin with the ACM Awards. First of all I love the ACM Awards, I have attended the live show several times, but I lost a lot of respect for the ACM's this morning.

This morning the ACM revealed the winners in the New Artist Category. The nominees for New Male Artist of the Year were, Jimmie Allen, Travis Denning, Hardy, Cody Johnson, and Parker McCollum.

Before I tell you who won let me go down the list of each artist accomplishments.

Jimmie Allen:  First hit released in 2018 went to number one in November of 2018, Break Through Artist of the Year (CMT) in 2018 and not had a hit since.

Travis Denning: Hit the charts in 2018 and picked up a number on in 2019

Cody Johnson: Maybe I am partial to this Texas boy because we have known about him for years. He hit the top charts with a number 11 song in 2018 but has had hits since then. Not to mention selling out the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo and other arenas.

Parker McCollum: Another Texas boy we are fond of and has also been on the Texas scene for a minute. First album on a major record label was leased in October of 2020. Pretty Heart went number 1 in December of 2019 and is also out headlining his own tour.

Hardy: who doesn't love Hardy. He truly is a new artist, and had a number 1 hit in 2020. Hardy would have to be the newest out of each of these nominees.

If you take each one of these artist and line up their accomplishments and achievements the winner should not be Jimmie Allen. I would bet if you were lining up each person based on most recent merit Parker McCollum or Hardy should be your winner.

First of all let me say I have nothing against Jimmie Allen. I think he is a nice looking guy and has a good voice. I also hear that he is a very nice guy.

As to why I say the ACM got the winner wrong is because, it appears that the ACM didn't want to answer to cancel culture and according to cancel culture it would have been an abomination to give the award to one of the other guys over Jimmie.

I also think that Mickey Guyton has only been asked to co-host the ACM's not because of her achievements in country music  or popularity.  I believe it fits the narrative America wants to perceive. There are many other women deserving of the opportunity based on merit.

55th Academy Of Country Music Awards Virtual Radio Row - Day 2
Getty Images for ACM


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