I am here to tell you there can never be too many Buc'ee's in this world. There should be a Buc-ee's in every city. I still don't understand why we don't have one here. We are right in the middle of Dallas and El Paso. The Permian Basin would be prime real estate for a Buc-ee's.

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I am someone who if there is a Buc-ee's within a relatively close distance I am going to go. Whenever I go visit my family in the Houston area, they know we have to make at least one stop at Buc-ee's before I leave. We usually make a stop right after they pick me up and right before I head back to the airport.

Buc-ee's and its famous beaver have become a staple for Texas and other states as well. A company that started in Lake Jackson, Texas, now has 40 locations all over Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

I could sit here and say Buc-ee's is for one thing but there are so many, beaver nuggets, the cleanest restrooms, candy, beef jerky, bbq sandwiches, breakfast and so much more. How often is that when a gas station is mentioned, someone says, make sure to check out the bathrooms.

Buc-ee's is expanding and has announced their plans for 12 more locations, not only here in Texas but in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, and Mississippi. But I do have to sadly say one of the new locations won't be here in the Permian Basin.  Here are the places that Buc-ee's plans to expand through 2026 and as of right now we are not on the list.

  • Richmond, Ky., second-quarter 2022
  • Florence, S.C., second-quarter 2022
  • Crossville, Tenn., 2022
  • Athens, Ala., 2023
  • Auburn, Ala., 2023
  • Sevierville, Tenn., 2023
  • Smiths Grove, Ky., 2023
  • Johnstown, Colo., 2024
  • Hillsboro, Texas, 2025
  • Harrison County, Miss., 2025
  • Boerne, Texas, 2025
  • Anderson, S.C., 2026


We all need to keep sending emails and calls begging the Buc-ee's company to give us our very own.


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