You see it every single day. Drive-thru lines around the Permian Basin wrapping all the way around the building and sometimes out into the street or frontage roads... And it doesn't matter if it's for Tacos, Burrotis, Burgers, Chicken, Ice Cream, Spaghetti, or Pasta--even Chinese... At any given time of day, but especially around the breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours-you should plan on waiting at least 20 minutes to get to the drive-thru speaker and window and get your order. I've raised this point before in another article about lines at restaurants here vs lines at the supermarket for groceries. But moving here 19 months ago-there are some things I loved to make at home that don't exist here because they either aren't sold at ANY grocery store in the area. or they do exist here and are hard to find because only 1 or 2 places sell the item.

A great example of one of our daily use favorites that's always tough to find in West Texas is--Eight O'Clock Coffee. The only two stores we've been able to find this at are HEB and Target. It's what we drank back home in Illinois and when you move-sometimes you just don't think about some things you could potentially be leaving behind that you love. There have been so many times I've walked into HEB and gotten THE last box on the shelf of the K-Cups for Eight O'Clock Coffee--so we know others like it here because IT SELLS. Hear that United Supermarkets and Market Street?? It sells!


I know most people like to head to the nearest coffee shop on the way to work-but it's a ton easier and no wait in line to grab your own travel mug from home with your favorite coffee and creamer and skip the line, the wait, and save money!!

Then there's the item I can't find ANYWHERE in West Texas... Every single grocery store has a wide selection of bacon-flavors, brands, thick-cut, thin cut, fully cooked--you name it. But NOBODY has MAPLE BOURBON BACON. And especially not this one from Oscar Meyer made with Evan Williams Bourbon. It is THE best bacon EVER... If you're a bacon lover--track this down. If you're a Supermarket chain and you're reading this--STOCK THIS ON YOUR SHELVES--PLEASE!!! Going out to breakfast is fun---cooking at home and eating breakfast on the patio with your loved ones is even better.


 Happy shopping and Happy Eating! Now that I've written this article, I'm starving! Comment below on some of the favorite things YOU like to make at home and skip the long drive-thru lines...

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