Gwen and I were in studio the other day during one of the songs we play just chatting about favorite Country bands.... Gwen was listing off hers--and I brought up The Band Perry. Always one of my favorites--and I realized I hadn't seen anything new from them or heard anything from them AT ALL in a long time. Gwen (The Queen of Country Music Knowledge in this building) informed me they had left the genre and attempted to go Pop but weren't having that much success at it (ala Taylor Swift). So I decided to go hunting, and found the video for "Live Forever". Gave it a listen and WOW--I Love it! I could actually hear this record on COUNTRY radio nowadays.... Given how pop-rock friendly today's sounds are... If you've not heard it yourself give it a listen. If you're a Kimberly Perry fan like me--you'll like it! Sadly that direction doesn't seem to be working for them--so this Country DJ can only hope that one day soon they turn the bus around and head back home to our lane.


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