In case tripping over everything in your way isn't enough to keep you "aware" of your clutter problems--along we come into "Clutter Awareness Week". I know that at my house, with our storms we had here yesterday--it would have been great to be able to use our garage to actually put our cars in, to keep them out of the hail and high winds. Instead-we have a whole bunch of clutter that was taken out of boxes and gone thru from the move here last summer.

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Admittedly, actually being able to use the garage to park vehicles in was also a struggle for my family when we lived in suburban Chicago, too. But we managed to go thru a whole bunch of clutter and pair it down fairly well prior to the move to Midland; or so we thought, anyway. When the movers finished unloading last summer--we went thru everything and had ideas on what we wanted to do, but the garage at the house we bought (we bought the model home in a subdivision built by D.R. Horton, so the garage was the former office) doesn't have any sort of storage cabinetry or shelves.

So the next mission--in the next few weekends--will be to go to a home improvement store, buy several shelving units, and go thru what's all over the floor and get it all stored properly so that there's room to actually park cars in there. "Clutter Awareness Week"--a fancy way these days of saying "Spring Cleaning", should happen a few times a year to keep us all on track!

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