Be aware of your surroundings, especially this time of year when the snakes come to either find water or just warm in the sun.

Yesterday I had a very close encounter of the deadly kind. I literally walked by this snake yesterday. I was probably 12 inches from him. Our building doesn't have the best reception so people will go outside to talk on the phone. So I went out back to look for my boss because I needed to ask her a question. I walked around to see if she was behind the wall and didn't know I had just walked right by this bad boy.

Luckily he already had lunch in his mouth and was in the process of swallowing a rabbit. How do I know because when I turned around and say it, rabbit feet were hanging out of its mouth.

I can now say that the snake will no longer be eating rabbits. George from next door at American Home Improvement came to our rescue and chopped its head off. 


Be careful of your surroundings.

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