Being from a small town, I know how a community can come together to help out one of their own. I am proud to say that I am from a small town. Growing up in a small town, you get to experience things that you would never get to in a big city.

On Saturday, over Memorial Day weekend, a long-time member of the community and her daughter lost everything in a house fire. She just so happens to be the grandmother and mother to our very own Tawny The Rock Chick on KBAT. The house is a total loss. Almost nothing was left. Tawny has been in our radio family for a very long time and has been on KBAT for over 10 years.

Members of the community quickly came together to put together a fish fry tomorrow at the hospital in Rankin. Plates will be $20 and will be served until sold out.

Since they have lost everything, they need a lot. As of now, they need household items like dishes, furniture, cleaning supplies, etc. Tawny's mom and grandmother are also in need of clothing. They need size medium and XL-2XL clothing.

I know many of you are like us and can not be in Rankin tomorrow (Thursday) but would still like to help Tawny's family. We are accepting donations here at the station at 191 and 1788. If you would like to help in any way, we are collecting such things as household items and clothing.

I know that Tawny and her family are very grateful for the love and support they have been shown the last several days. So if you remember, say a prayer for her and her family.


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